Why does Homfy have a Privacy policy?

We have an obligation as a supplier of our service to uphold a safe community within our means where personal data is respected and protected. We take the matter of handling personal integrity seriously for our users to feel safe using Homfy. In this document we describe how we collect and handle information about our users.

What data do we handle?

We only collect personal data that is necessary for us to provide Homfy. This includes Name, Address, apartment number and e-mail. With Homfy you as a user have the possibility to further strengthen your integrity thru a time limit of your posts. This means that your history with other users is deleted after a predetermined time. We also collect technical data from the devices you use such as IP-address, device ID, web browser and cookies.

Why do we handle personal data?

We handle personal data so that we may provide our service to our users. We need to be able to identify our users to administrate user accounts, maintain, develop, test and improve our digital channels and devices that are used. In cases which you have given your consent to receive marketing information, such information will be sent to you.

Who do we share personal data with?

For us to be able to provide our service we need to coordinate your personal data with your landlord/board. We don’t share your personal data to a third party without your consent. This means that is cases where we might share your personal data to a third party, we will notify you for your consent or refusal. In cases where we share your personal data we have routines and agreements for your protection.

Homfy handle your personal and user data with caution. Only employees and our partners are entitled to handle data within the regulations of our policy.

How long do we save your data?

Homfy save your personal data as long as needed to achieve the purpose that is described in this policy. When you end the relation to Homfy all your personal data will be deleted. We are transparent with all the information we collect from you. This means that requests of personal data from the authority organization Datainspektionen or you will be provided.

What personal data do we have about you?

To get access to your personal data we have, please contact us. Our contact information is in the bottom of this policy.


Our Privacy policy is designed for to have a favorable relation between you as a user and us as providers of Homfy. With each developing phase we start and where the personal integrity is at risk we will analyze and prevent infringement within the development. This is groundwork for us to deliver a service that you as a customer and user can rely on.

Welcome as a client and customer to Homfy!

Contact information

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