A platform for tenants, landlords, and the community

Homfy is a sophisticated app for an effective communication. the platform is simple, dependable and scalable. The platform is built on a collaborative principle to connect and create a good relationship between the landlord and the tenant. Our service is a product of several years of work and studies of communities and living conditions, we mapped concrete improvement needs to meet the future of sustainable households. the needs can be summarized in our goals:
Happy customers, Lower costs, Reduced resource impact.

Smart features for your common needs

Handle issues with the landlord and neighbors

We offer new thinking features for issue handling and interaction with the living in focus. Trade services and inform about events. Meet your landlord and facility manager to interact in daily errands in a much simpler way.

Smart interface

Our app has a clear and simple menu. Despite the simplicity, this is an advanced tool in a smart interface. With notifications and filtering of information updates, it is easy to navigate in the app.

Optimized and secure communication

The communication needs to be direct to work effectively. We offer a scalable organization structure with different permissions. Create your network out from you connections and save time. In the dialog with the users, the feed is simple and recognizable. Homfy is not a social network with likes and unreasonable terms. All data is stored and deleted safely with integrity for the users. Even with anonymity and whistleblowing.

Unique from our competitors

Homfy fulfills the real needs to achieve a digitalized tenancy house management. The platform is designed to handle a massive flow. With our new features to promote participation and engagement, we meet the future of sustainable living.

Measurable sustainability

Get to know your tenants. Measure engagement and needs in real time. Pinpoint the right time to reach your audience. Create simple and interactive polls and set a new record in response rate!

Participation & Engagement

With a digitalized dialog it is practical to be interactive in action. It is about more the Q&A's, when we trade services (regardless of party) it is associated with conditions and obligations. When we simplify the process of agreements, we also simply possibilities. To be able to participate in planning, upgrades and other changes it creates an engagement. We believe it leads to happy customers and a comfortable neighborhood.

Youre our target group

Information from the landlord is visible on the homepage and printed flyers in the mail bin. The home information binder format is outdated and the neighborhood Facebook groups have become a complaint room. New built facilities come with a common growing space and a social rooftop but without a plan revise and develop the spaces. In a constantly changing environment, we need to be more flexible.
Tenants want the possibility to be more involved in the housing regardless if it is rented or owned among neighbors and other parties.

As a landlord, it is difficult to find a balance between happy customers and lower maintenance costs. We have taken these challenges and made them to our goals to create participation and influence. Two highly requested rights as a tenant. A digital tool to be able to meet and organize maintenance and relationships in a simple and cost-efficient way.